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Interior design of store or retail (small area) and architectural design of the exterior facade.

Stages of design work

We follow the design of the online design process, which is based on the participation of the client in the stages of progress of work to share his opinion and take his views on the project and open the discussion to make sure that the design progress in the direction appropriate to the requirements of the owner and the project.

The design team will provide a weekly update to the customer every Sunday in pdf format. We also recommend that you make a weekly call to explain the design to the customer and take his observations and recommendations to make sure that the project is on track.


1. Concept Design:

Tasamim Online team will prepare design idea, showing the distribution of furniture, any suggested modifications to the architectural plan, a report showing the proposed color scheme, interior and exterior design, and a call to discuss the customer's comments and comments.

Design phase outputs:

An electronic version containing:

Floor plan showing furniture layout.
Proposals for finishing materials.
Color schemes.
The idea of ​​3D interior design.
The idea of ​​the 3D design of the main exterior facade.
Preliminary report of the design style and different finishing materials.
Time frame

One Week.


2. Final design

The outputs of the final design phase, which are floor plan working drawings as follows:

3D Screenshots.
Furniture layout plan.
Flooring and tiles plan.
Reflected Ceiling plan and lighting distribution.
Finishing materials schedule.
Design of the main facade with dimensions


3 working weeks

Restaurant or shop design

PriceFrom ﷼12,500.00
Sales Tax Included |
  • Out of scope:

    The scope of work on Tasmeem Online is only what was previously mentioned, where we do online design work via our site and based on the information provided by the client only, and the following works, for example, but not limited to, are not included in the scope of work, knowing that they can be requested as additional works on To study it with a separate technical and financial offer:


    • Dealing with or reviewing municipalities and government agencies, or applying for licenses or any other similar business.
    • Visit the site or meet the client.
    • Any other work not mentioned or related to the design work.
    • Surveying works or taking measurements from nature, which the owner commissions a specialized party to do at his expense and inform us of its results before starting the final design stage.
    • Gathering data related to the site or building requirements.
    • Project management or supervision of implementation.
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