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Design stages: As we at Designs Online recommend that the design work be done in stages to share with the client the outputs of each stage to give him an opportunity to review and express his opinion.

1. Design Idea

Design team with online designs will make a proposal  idea  based on the data and customer's requests and discuss it with bbc3b58311994d_bad.


An electronic file that includes:

  • the summery of project
  • A design proposal that includes colored horizontal projections on which the names of the spaces are indicated.
  • Number 1 3D external perspective illustrates the idea.
  • Report the style and atmosphere of the external site layout design.


Three working weeks development

Online Designs will take the customer’s notes in the previous stage and develop the idea accordingly, including the design foundations for structural, electrical and mechanical engineering systems, interior design, site coordination, and how they work in an integrated manner in the project, whether inside the buildings or on the public site.


The idea development stage report (electronic file) includes:

  • Basic architectural plans (plans, facades, sectors)
  • 2 Architectural perspective for the exterior facade.
  • Number53D perspectives for the interior design of the main spaces (majlis, living room, dining room, master bedrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms)
  • General site layout scheme.


Four weeks.



3.Final design stage: (85 engineering drawings)

It includes the final project plans with dimensions and description of the various engineering specializations as follows:

Architectural design (15 plans):

  • horizontal projections
  • interfaces
  • sectors
  • Doors and windows schedules.
  • General details.
  • General Site.
  • supplements.


Interior Design (20 plans)

  • Horizontal brushes
  • Horizontal projections for paving
  • Horizontal projections for false ceilings and gypsum.
  • Enlarged details of the main spaces showing the interior facades, the different projections of the space, and the three-dimensional images.
  • Finishing tables for voids.
  • general details.
  • Finishes report, dye codes and raw materials.

Structural Design (15 Schemes)

  • Axes and columns.
  • the rules.
  • Reinforcement of concrete slabs and dimensions of concrete slabs.
  • Armament of outbuildings.
  • Reinforcement of external fences.
  • Armament of underground tanks.
  • general details.

Electrical Design (10 Schemes)

  • Strength Charts
  • lighting schemes
  • Fire alarm schemes.
  • Light current business plans.
  • Single line diagram of stalagmites.
  • general details.

Mechanical Design (15 Schemes)

  • Water feeding charts.
  • exchange schemes.
  • Cold air feeding charts.
  • Floor tanks and pumps plans.
  • general details.

Website Layout Design (10 Layouts)

  • Schemes of plants and shrubs.
  • Floor plans for the general site.
  • irrigation schemes.
  • Floor tanks and pumps plans.
  • General site lighting schemes.
  • general details.


Six weeks

Neoclassical Home Design

PriceFrom ﷼20,000.00
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