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Integrated design services for a luxury home  with a total built-up area of up to 600 m².

The scope of services includes various engineering disciplines (architecture, structural, electrical, mechanical, interior design, landscape design).

Design stages:

  1. Design Idea:

Designs Online team will make the design  based on the data provided by the customer with a phone call to discuss his requests.


  • The space and survey program for the project.
  • Colorful sketches show spaces and furniture distribution.
  • Perspective and snapshot  3D exterior of the main interface design.
  • Report the atmosphere and style of the interior design.

The schedule is two working weeks.

2. Idea development:

The design team at Designs Online will develop the design idea based on the meeting with the owner, preparing the basic architectural plans and a report on the design principles for the engineering systems proposed in the project, including the structural, mechanical, electrical, interior design atmosphere and landscape.

Outputs: An electronic file that includes:- Architectural horizontal elevations, facades, and an architectural section showing the elevations.- The main three-dimensional facade.- Report of design foundations for engineering systems- Report of interior design atmosphere and site coordination.

Schedule: 3 working weeks.


3. Final design stage: (100 engineering drawings)

It includes the final project plans with dimensions and description of the various engineering specializations as follows:

  • Architectural design (20 plans): horizontal planks, facades, sectors, tables, doors and windows. General details. General Site. supplements.
  • Structural design (20 plans) axes and columns. the rules. Reinforcement of concrete slabs and dimensions of concrete slabs. Armament of outbuildings. Reinforcement of external fences. Armament of underground tanks. general details.
  • Electrical design (20 diagrams) Power diagrams Lighting diagrams Fire alarm diagrams. Light current business plans. Single line diagram of stalagmites. general details.
  • Mechanical design (20 diagrams) Water supply diagrams. exchange schemes. Cold air feeding charts. Floor tanks and pumps plans. general details.
  • Landscaping design (10 plans) Diagrams of plants and shrubs. Floor plans for the general site. irrigation schemes. Floor tanks and pumps plans. General site lighting schemes. general details. Five three-dimensional footage
  • For interior design (10 plans) 15 internal 3D snapshots of the main spaces (the Majlis, the family hall, the master bedroom, bedrooms, and a bathroom). False ceiling plans. Furniture distribution schemes. Floor tiling plans. Finishing report.

Schedule: 8 working weeks.


Modern Luxury Home

PriceFrom ﷼20,000.00
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