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Chalet designSingle floor, Two design stages:

1. Concept Design: Tasamim Online team will prepare design ideas, showing furniture layout and conceptual design includes architectural plan and a call to discuss the customer's comments.Design phase outputs:An electronic version containing: Floor plans showing furniture layout. .Time frameTwo weeks.

2. Final Design stage: The outputs of the final design phase including engineering construction working drawings:

  • Architectural design (15 sheets)General Site Plan, Floor plans, Facades and external 3D shot, elevations, sections, doors and windows schedule The suspended ceilling and lighting works.
  • Structural design (10 sheets) Grids and columns, Foundations, Slabs reinforcment and dimensions and reinforcement schedules.
  • Electrical design (10 sheets) Floor plans for power, lighting points, Single line diagram.
  • Mechanical Design (10 sheets) Floor plan for water (drainage & supply), Air Condition (HVAC).
  • Time frame 8 weeks
  • Fees doesn't include permit or supervision

Chalet Concept Design

PriceFrom ﷼5,000.00
Sales Tax Included |
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