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Project management package, the package includes the management of:

  • Inviting qualified contractors to carry out all the works related to the project and analyze their bids from a technical and financial point of view
  • Awarding works to contractors in accordance with technical quality standards, financial ability and appropriate market prices.
  • Preparing contract forms for all contractors in the project
  • Supervising the implementation, preparing and following up the schedule for the implementation of all work and the schedule of cash flows
  • Managing and coordinating all project activities implemented by all contractors in accordance with recognized principles
  • Submitting a monthly report to the owner explaining the financial and technical aspects, critical issues and photographs of the works carried out on the ground

The fees are monthly according to the total building area

The service is available depending on the geographical area

Project Managements Construction Supervision

PriceFrom ﷼6,000.00
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﷼6,000.00every month for 9 months
  • 1- Preparing all contract documents for the implementation of the project with the implementation contractors:

    distanceThe completion and approval of the final project plans by the municipality. The plans and project documents are reviewed, and then tenders for project implementation disciplines are classified, which depend on the implementation plan and project segmentation, followed by the preparation of brochures offering those tenders attached with the plans, specifications and quantities of the project

    2- Value engineering:Value Engineering

    EngineeringValue is an organized collective effort to analyze the functions of the project and its conformity with the objectives and requirements of the owner and the beneficiary, and then to create alternatives that perform those functions and achieve the objectives at the lowest possible costs without compromising the quality and basic functions.

    It startsThe application of value engineering systems in the life cycle of the project at the implementation stage by reviewing and revising the drawings and documents necessary to tender the project implementation contract to the implementation contractors, which is preferably done by a specialized engineering team completely different from the design team, and then recommendations are made for the results of the value study for improving project performance And the possibility of reducing the general cost and raising the necessary recommendations to the owner

    3- Evaluation of implementation contractors

    PreparationA list of specialized contractors for each part of the project, and then make the necessary assessment to ensure their efficiency to work on the project by meeting with their representatives, discussing them, reviewing and visiting previous projects for them.

    4- Offering tenders for implementation of all parts of the project

    PreparationAnd submit project tender brochures for each part as needed, with the necessary project documents and blueprints attached.

    5Clarify all contractor inquiries related to the tender

    duringTender launch stage - all contractors' inquiries are answered and all work needs are clarified with the tender documents, and if necessary, the necessary details or a specific description of the inquiries that require that are prepared.

    6- Evaluation of implementation proposals

    distanceReceipt of implementation offers according to the tenders offered for the project; These offers are evaluated according to a tabular comparison system according to the offer value for each item of the project - and then they are presented to the owner attached to the evaluation report.


    7- Discussing and awarding tenders

    BuildingBased on the evaluation results of the contractors' offers, and in coordination with the owner, the implementation offers are awarded to the appropriate contractors in the tender.

    8- deliver the website

    DeliveryThe project site is officially for the implementation contractors - in addition to specifying the locations of the offices of the implementation contractors according to a pre-prepared plan for that at the project site that does not conflict with the site works.

    9- Planning and managing the project implementation period

    CompletePlanning schedules for all project activities according to the following:

    • Preparing the general schedule for all phases and items of the project.

    • Review and update the timetable gradually according to the work activities on the site.

    • Reviewing and matching the schedules of the implementation contractors with the general schedule of the project.

    • Preparing a progress report on the progress of work at the site.

    • Determining the necessary implementation materials before starting the implementation of the item to provide them in the appropriate time for work - in order to reduce the volume of materials storage on the site, and to save materials wastage, and to avoid delays.

    • Planning and defining systems to reduce the implementation period without compromising the required quality and the specified cost

    • Periodic follow-up with the implementation contractors to ensure the correctness of the course of their work and its consistency with the general schedule of the project.

    10Implementation cost planning and management

    CompletePlanning the implementation cost for all project activities according to the following items:

    • Preparing the project budget.

    • Analysis of the project budget.

    • Estimate the project cost for each item/for the entire project.

    • Studying the project and recommending the general budget for the project.

    • Estimate the cost of change orders

    • Estimate the cost of potential additions to the project.

    • Analyzing and evaluating the value of tenders.

    • Discuss and determine the cost of each change order.

    • Complete and approve the cost of each variation order.

    • Defining and evaluating cash flow schedules for project implementation phases.

    • Reviewing and approving contractors' extracts - and preparing a periodic report on the progress of work and the cost of implementation.

    11Project management reports

    careTo convey the true picture of the progress of work at the project site and submit the following reports to the owner (preparing a reporting system for all implementation procedures):

    • Preparing a weekly report on the site.

    • Preparing a monthly financial report.

    • Preparing a progress report showing the progress of work at the site - during all implementation stages.

    • Preparing a progress report for the cost and progress of the project.

    • Preparing a progress report with extracts for the project contractors.

    • Preparing a report on the cost of the change orders (if any).

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