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Complete Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design Services for Residential Villa

Scope of work: Architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning, interior design and garden design

Design stages

The information below outlines both the methodology and scope of building design allowing the client to see the design plan, types of documents to be delivered by Designs Online and the schedule.

stages of work

Design Idea:

The design team will make two proposals for the schematic design and design idea for the project based on the data provided by the client and his requests and make a conference call to discuss the client's feedback and comments.


a filePDFThe electronic design idea contains:


the summery of project.

Program rooms and spaces for the project with the proposed surfaces and dimensions.

Two color design proposals showing the distribution of furniture.

3D external perspective showing the main interface of each alternative.

Interior design style and atmosphere report.

time frame

Two Weeks - Provide weekly progress every Sunday.

Design development stage:

It will take into account the customer's comments from the previous design phase and develop one alternative, taking into account the proposed systems of columns, structural structure, mechanical and electrical engineering design foundations and interior design.


electronic file in . formatPDFThe design development stage includes:

Architectural master plans (horizontal plans, sections and facades).

3D external binoculars.

Interior design perspectives for the main spaces (men's council, women's salon, main dining room, living room, master bedroom, other bedrooms).

Garden design and proposed materials (softscape and hardscape).

Technical design standards report for engineering systems.

time frame

4 weeks - Provide weekly progress every Sunday.

3. Final design phase: (100 blueprints)


Architect (20 plans)

Horizontal projections, facades and partitions, door and window schedules, staircase details and miscellaneous details.

Interior Design (30 plans)

Horizontal projections for floors and paving, false ceilings, and furniture distribution.

Enlarged details of the main spaces, interior facades and 3D footage (maximum 13 rooms), tables: finishing, doors, furniture, accessories.

Finishing report with materials, color codes, lighting...etc.

Structural design:

Axes and columns Reinforcement of slabs, columns and beams, fences, tanks, details and tables.

Electrical Design (10 Schemes)

Power, lighting, low current and mono circuit diagrams.

Mechanics Design (15 charts)

Plumbing schemes (feed and drain).

HVAC schematics and unit tables.

Garden Design: (15 Plans)

includesSoftscapeAnd theHardscapeGeneral site rio lighting plans.

Time frame

8 weeks

Work assays, bills of quantities and specifications (BOQ)


Two weeks.



Luxury Classic Villa Design

PriceFrom ﷼20,000.00
Sales Tax Included |
  • ِArchitectural, engineering, and interior design services for a residential villa


    Design Stages

    1. Concept Design

    Our team will create two conceptual design alternatives based on data provided by the client and to have a conference call to discuss the client feedback and comments.


    Conceptual design softcopy PDF file contains:

    Project brief.

    Space program.

    Two design alternative colored plans showing furniture design.

    External 3D perspective showing main façade for each alternative.Interior design mood board report.Landscape mood board report.

    2 Weeks.

    2. Design Development

    Tasamim online will consider the client comments from previous design stage and develop it for one design alternative, considering structural, MEP, interior design systems.


    Design Development design report softcopy PDF file contains:

    • Architectural main drawings (plan, section, elevations).
    • Final external 3D perspectives.
    • Interior design perspectives for main spaces (Men Majlis, Women salon, Main Dinning, Living room, Master bedroom, others bedrooms).
    • Landscape design and suggested material (softscape & hardscape).
    • Technical design criteria report for Engineering Systems.

    4 Weeks 

    3. Final Drawings (100 Sheets)


    The final drawings contain final & details drawings as per the following:

    Architecture (20 Sheets)

    • Floor plans.
    • Elevations.
    • Sections.
    • Doors & windows schedules.
    • Stair details, miscellaneous details.

    Interior Design (30 Sheets)

    • General plans for: floor plans, reflected ceiling plan, floor pattern & furniture plans.
    • Enlarge plans with interior elevations for main spaces (max of 13 spaces)
    • Schedules: finishing, doors, furniture, accessories, curtain, plumbing fixtures (max 10 sheets)
    • Final Perspectives (max 13)
    • Finishing report with materials, color codes, lighting…etc.

    Structural (10 Sheets)

    • Columns & grids.
    • Foundation plans.
    • Slab dimension plans.
    • Slab reinforcement plans.
    • Details & schedules

    Electrical (10 Sheets)

    • Power plans.
    • Lighting plans.
    • Single line diagram & risers.

    Mechanical (15 Sheets)

    • Pluming Plans (supply & drainage).
    • HVAC Plans.

    Landscape (15 Sheets)

    8 Weeks

    4. Bill of Quantities (BOQ)


    16 Divisions (CSI) contains items discerptions and quantities.

    Two weeks.

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